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PROMs Version 0.1:

This PR adds new select PROMs views to the EAViewLibrary, with the data pre-transposed to easy/standardized use. Some high-use forms include PROMIS-10, HOOS, and KOOS. Other forms are being considered and will be added in the future. If you are interested in a specific questionnaire, please reach out.

The following questionnaires have been added:

  1. PROMs Domestic Violence Screening
  5. PROMs Neuro-QOL
    • PROMs Neuro-QOL Cognitive Function
    • PROMs Neuro-QOL Depression
    • PROMs Neuro-QOL Emotional Dyscontrol
    • PROMs Neuro-QOL Fatigue
    • PROMs Neuro-QOL Lower Extremity
    • PROMs Neuro-QOL Sleep Disturbance
    • PROMs Neuro-QOL Social Roles
    • PROMs Neuro-QOL Stigma
    • PROMs Neuro-QOL Upper Extremity
  6. PROMs Pain Intensity
  7. PROMs Pain Interference

The intent of these views are to be fairly "bare-bones." Really they're just a way of quickly pulling submissions and seeing what the responses were. We on the PROMs have many similar queries, but to standardize them as views make them significantly more user-friendly.

Many PROMs use cases should prefer the PROMs SAM data (`SAM.PROMsCentral), which adds rich detail to the raw PROMs data and has been validated by the business. Take care when using these views that certain helpful features available in the SAM may be missing here. Always check the SAM glossary for up-to-date issues that also may impact these views.

However, if you need a no-nonsense look at questionnaire responses then this is it.

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