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  • v0.8.95
    0198c08b · minor readme and log ·
    clustermq 0.8.95
    * We are now using _ZeroMQ_ via `Rcpp` in preparation for `v0.9` (#151)
    * New `multiprocess` backend via `callr` instead of forking (#142, #197)
    * Sending data on sockets is now blocking to avoid excess memory usage (#161)
    * `multicore`, `multiprocess` schedulers now support logging (#169)
    * New option `clustermq.host` can specify host IP or network interface name (#170)
    * Template filling will now raise error for missing keys (#174, #198)
    * Workers failing with large common data is improved (fixed?) (#146, #179, #191)
    * Local connections are now routed via `` instead of `localhost` (#192)
    * Submit messages are different between local, multicore and HPC (#196)
    * Functions exported by `foreach` now have their environment stripped (#200)
    * Deprecation of `log_worker=T/F` argument is rescinded
  • v0.8.9
    clustermq 0.8.9
    * New option `clustermq.ssh.timeout` for SSH proxy startup (#157) @brendanf
    * New option `clustermq.worker.timeout` for delay before worker shutdown (#188)
    * Fixed PBS/Torque docs, template and cleanup (#184, #186) @mstr3336
    * Warning if common data is very large, set by `clustermq.data.warning` (#189)
  • v0.8.8
    b20d470c · anchor and link ·
    clustermq 0.8.8
    * `Q`, `Q_rows` have new arguments `verbose` (#111) and `pkgs` (#144)
    * `foreach` backend now uses its dedicated API where possible (#143,
    * Number and size of objects common to all calls now work properly
    * Templates are filled internally and no longer depend on `infuser`
  • v0.8.7
    * `Q` now has `max_calls_worker` argument to avoid walltime (#110)
    * Submission messages now list size of common data (drake#800)
    * All default templates now have an optional `cores` per job field (#123)
    * `foreach` now treats `.export` (#124) and `.combine` (#126) correctly
    * New option `clustermq.error.timeout` to not wait for clean shutdown (#134)
    * SSH command is now specified via a template file (#122)
    * SSH will now forward errors to the local process (#135)
    * The Wiki is deprecated, use https://mschubert.github.io/clustermq/ instead
  • v0.8.6
    * Progress bar is now shown before any workers start (#107)
    * Socket connections are now authenticated using a session password (#125)
    * Marked internal functions with @keywords internal
    * Added vignettes for the _User Guide_ and _Technical Documentation_
  • v0.8.5
    * Added experimental support as parallel foreach backend (#83)
    * Moved templates to package `inst/` directory (#85)
    * Added `send_call` to worker to evaluate arbitrary expressions (drake#501; #86)
    * Option `clustermq.scheduler` is now respected if set after package load (#88)
    * System interrupts are now handled correctly (rzmq#44; #73, #93, #97)
    * Number of workers running/total is now shown in progress bar (#98)
    * Unqualified (short) host names are now resolved by default (#104)
  • v0.8.4
    * Fix error for `qsys$reusable` when using `n_jobs=0`/local processing (#75)
    * Scheduler-specific templates are deprecated. Use `clustermq.template` instead
    * Allow option `clustermq.defaults` to fill default template values (#71)
    * Errors in worker processing are now shut down cleanly (#67)
    * Progress bar now shows estimated time remaining (#66)
    * Progress bar now also shown when processing locally
    * Memory summary now adds estimated memory of R session (#69)
  • v0.8.3
    19c7fbf5 · rename 'doc' target ·
    * Support `rettype` for function calls where return type is known (#59)
    * Reduce memory requirements by processing results when we receive them
    * Fix a bug where cleanup, `log_worker` flag were not working for SGE/SLURM
  • v0.8.2
    ba4e42a3 · tag 0.8.2 ·
    * Fix a bug where never-started jobs are not cleaned up
    * Fix a bug where tests leave processes if port binding fails (#60)
    * Multicore no longer prints worker debug messages (#61)
  • v0.8.1
    5c8531fb · tag 0.8.1 ·
    * Fix performance issues for a high number of function calls (#56)
    * Fix bug where multicore workers were not shut down properly (#58)
    * Fix default templates for SGE, LSF and SLURM (misplaced quote)
  • v0.8.0
    79850a40 · fix CRAN winbuilder ·
    clustermq 0.8.0
    * Templates changed: `clustermq:::worker` now takes only master as argument
    * Fix a bug where copies of `common_data` are collected by gc too slowly (#19)
    * Creating `workers` is now separated from `Q`, enabling worker reuse (#45)
    * Objects in the function environment must now be `export`ed explicitly (#47)
    * Messages on the master are now processed in threads (#42)
    * Added `multicore` qsys using the `parallel` package (#49)
    * New function `Q_rows` using data.frame rows as iterated arguments (#43)
    * Jobs will now be submitted as array if possible
    * Job summary will now report max memory as reported by `gc` (#18)
  • v0.7.0
  • v0.6.2
    4de9931d · update title, desc ·