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......@@ -48,13 +48,12 @@ Install NetCat utility (*RHEL*: ```yum install nc -y``` | *Ubuntu*: ```yum insta
- Scanner-1: ```Test-NetConnection -ComputerName "" -Port 5274 -InformationLevel "Detailed" ```
- Scanner-2: ```Test-NetConnection -ComputerName "" -Port 5274 -InformationLevel "Detailed" ```
<br />
:warning: Are MGB Trend Micro servers unreachable? If so, please submit a FW request by following the steps below.
<br />
#### Firewall Exception Request
<br />
Submit a [FW Exception Request]( to MGB Network Engineering Team to have your local network firewall rules modified.
<br />
Here's an exmample on [How To Submit a Firewall Exception Request](, located under the EDDH EDIS namespace in Confluence.
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